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Bitcoin $37,004.74
-3.4% -1301.67
Ethereum $2,191.87
-5.78% -134.48
Litecoin $129.35
-5.41% -7.4
DigitalCash $139.87
-5.36% -7.92
Monero $218.77
-2.13% -4.77
Nxt $0.01
-3.4% -0
Ethereum Classic $47.17
-12.69% -6.85
Dogecoin $0.20
-11.74% -0.03


Tala partners with Visa to offer Crypto to the unbanked

Tala, a credit-focused Fintech Startup, has partnered with Visa, a credit card giant, to drive the use of cryptos…

Bitcoin climbs 8% as cryptocurrency market try to recover

The Bitcoin prices roared back on Monday as the cryptocurrency market attempted to recover from a broad…

Bitcoin miners are consistently earning $50 million daily

Miners at the flagship crypto market are earning record revenues triggered by the growing number of transactions…

Crypto market cap surges past $2 trillion with bitcoin at $1.1 trillion

The cryptocurrency market capitalization hit an all-time peak of $2 trillion on Monday, according to data and…


Standard Group Kenya reports $4 million pre-tax loss in 2020

The listed media company, Standard Group, has reported a pre-tax loss of USD$4 million (KSh434.4 million) for the…

China gets serious about antitrust in cyberspace

A record penalty slapped on Alibaba Group Holding earlier this month kicked off China's clampdown on…

Total suspends Mozambique $20 billion gas project

French energy giant Total SE has announced the indefinite suspension of its $20 billion liquefied natural gas…

Nigeria Senate approves govt’s $2.7 billion loan requests

Nigeria's senate has approved President Muhammadu Buhari's plan to borrow $2.7 billion (2.2 billion euros) from…

Billionaire Watch

Top 10 Richest People in Europe in 2021 and their net-worth

The wealth of Europe’s billionaires has risen to hit $3 trillion, Forbes found, as the world’s richest remained…

How rich is Tony Elumelu and how does he make money?

In 2015, the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), founded by Mr. Tony Elumelu announced that it had committed $100m to…

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth over $200 billion

The world's richest person, Jeff Bezos, is once again worth more than $200 billion, as shares of Amazon AMZN…

Meet Billionaire Mukesh Ambani who bought a Golf club for $79 million

Reliance Industries Ltd owner and India's richest person/billionaire Mukesh Ambani bought Stoke Park Ltd. for 57…


Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become world’s second smartphone maker

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi was the second-largest smartphone maker in the second quarter, overtaking Apple …

Amazon online store grapples with global outages

E-commerce giant Inc's online store is grappling with widespread outages, according to outage…

Tesla delivered more than 200,000 vehicles in second quarter of 2021

Tesla delivered 201,250 vehicles in the second quarter of 2021, the company reported. The quarter's deliveries…

Wireless charging startup Xnergy secures $10 million from FineWill

Singapore's wireless charging technology developer Xnergy has raised just under $10 million from FineWill in a…


Jack Ma Foundation to give $1.5 million to foster entrepreneurship

The African Business Heroes (ABH), a flagship philanthropic program of Jack Ma Foundation (JMF) has announced a…

UK to experience biggest economic boom since 1948

The UK economy is on course for its biggest economic boom since 1948 as the country’s coronavirus vaccination…

Credit supply risks remain as economy reopens

Risks remain for credit supply as the economy reopens after the Covid lockdown, according to Central Bank …

IMF lifts 2021 global GDP growth to 6%

The global economy is likely to expand this year at the fastest pace in at least four decades as vaccine rollouts…

Personal Finance

How to set up a Flutterwave store for your business

In recent years, online shopping has become mainstream because it provides easier and more convenient ways to…

Perfect ways on how to save money amid COVID-19

Saving money can be challenging to most people, particularly those trying to save on a low income. Most people…

Telegram raises more than $1 Billion in debt financing

Telegram has raised more than $1bn through bond sales to investors including Abu Dhabi state funds, as the…

Ways on how to manage and get out of debt in 2021

A year after the coronavirus pandemic struck worldwide, many people are still grappling with its impact, which…

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