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Bitcoin $60,775.13
-0.06% -34.11
Ethereum $2,169.02
-0.69% -15.15
Litecoin $250.60
-2.6% -6.68
DigitalCash $279.81
-4.27% -12.5
Monero $309.99
-5.33% -17.44
Nxt $0.09
-9.08% -0.01
Ethereum Classic $19.74
-2.44% -0.49
Dogecoin $0.07
+2.12% 0


Crypto market cap surges past $2 trillion with bitcoin at $1.1 trillion

The cryptocurrency market capitalization hit an all-time peak of $2 trillion on Monday, according to data and…

Crypto market value nears $2 trillion, as Bitcoin surges to $60,000

High buying pressure from the two leading Crypto assets by market value has pushed the crypto market valuation…

Just owning 1 Bitcoin can change your life for good

The world’s most popular crypto, Bitcoin, has printed gains of more than 833% in the past year, as investors…

Nigerians’ appetite for Bitcoins grows despite ban

When Nigerian office worker Chigoziri Okeke bought cryptocurrency for the first time in 2016, he was only looking…


Millions of Christians celebrate Easter under COVID-19 restrictions

Millions of Christians around the world celebrated a second Easter under coronavirus restrictions Sunday, as…

Banks and MTN in Nigeria agree to restore suspended USSD services

Nigerian banking and communication regulators intervened in a dispute that resulted in most Nigerian lenders…

Kenya and British American Tobacco agree on nicotine product

British American Tobacco (BAT) has agreed to sell its controversial nicotine pouch product under strict laws…

Uganda tomato prices up as demand in Kenya rises

Kenya’s decision to re-open its market for Uganda’s produce mainly grain has increased demand for other products…

Billionaire Watch

Ma Huateng is the new richest man in China with $64.6 billion net worth

A 49-year-old Ma Huateng is currently the richest man in the most populous country in the world. Ma Huateng who…

Meet Chinese 39-years billionaire, Li Xiang who owns an electric car maker

Elon Musk’s Tesla is not the only electric car in the market, although the media hype on Tesla could make one…

Meet China’s new richest man Zhong Shanshan who toppled Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the Ant, and Alibaba founder is no longer the richest man in China and neither is he the second richest.…

Here are the top 10 poorest Presidents in Africa

The Financial Stand wants to highlight those African leaders who have made it a priority to leave a legacy of…


IMF lifts 2021 global GDP growth to 6%

The global economy is likely to expand this year at the fastest pace in at least four decades as vaccine rollouts…

IMF discloses factors affecting economic recovery of low-income countries

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has identified some factors that hamper the economic recovery of low-income…

Kenya is seeking to offer citizenship to rich foreign investors

Kenya has started drafting amendments to immigration laws in changes that will make it easier for wealthy foreign…

Facebook, Google, Apple & Microsoft shares hit record high

Facebook Inc. shares surged to a record Monday, with mega-cap Internet and technology stocks rallying amid…

Personal Finance

Perfect ways on how to save money amid COVID-19

Saving money can be challenging to most people, particularly those trying to save on a low income. Most people…

Telegram raises more than $1 Billion in debt financing

Telegram has raised more than $1bn through bond sales to investors including Abu Dhabi state funds, as the…

Ways on how to manage and get out of debt in 2021

A year after the coronavirus pandemic struck worldwide, many people are still grappling with its impact, which…

How technology is changing financial environment

The effect of present-day fringe crossing focuses and the improvement of forefronts have changed the techniques…

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