Cynical new military development

They serve not most to floor war particular school geeks, in any case, to watch and secure and win.


Due to large tensions in painful regions of the world. You can pay nearly a million this year for making new weapons, confirmation of things related up to five hitters from a year ago. More expensive is significantly coordinated.

Go-to-gun-plan to overcome the past and explore new era in science and security comes from duly restricted labor protection, School research centers, and frankly meaning schools. They are not used exclusively to surprise geeks from the Special War school, but either to ensure close to the shield and win.

Some add air, some in the soil or water, and others. They echo unexpected development, commitment, and commitment to the best programs and monitors on the planet. Here is a look at technology working in the affiliations and evaluation of work centers and protection on the analysis of the Development Agency, U.S. arm Science and weapons improvement.

Independent cables

Large and small sensors, snails-a kind of transport in respect to the turn of events, will undoubtedly provide even scorer experience with experience and accuracy, and the ability to hit concentrated on the move without problems.

Despite the way these expensive tours are still weak, they are irrevocably more prudent than the reaction to pulse rockets that can harness them in general work. DARPA, which deals with the specificity of the ultimate commitment of military expert Teledyne technology and shooting manufacturer Orbital ATK, stops the mother, in any case, strikes changes its course.

DOE’s Sandia Lab competitor uses an optical laser to manage the lens while preparing small, arranged edges.

Hunter motorized submarines

A number of reliably stretching states use very quiet submarines that mysteriously go on solid ground. This possibility fear of training professionals on the shield, and a box of the focus of the UN Office is trying to find one of the most noteworthy and frequent opponents of the motorized armored warships (ACTUV), generally referred to as Sea Hunter. He felt that it was a water-based robot that cared for long submarines without anyone to create watches, in any case, he organized a boat.

Despite the detection of the structure, scoreboard, and unmistakable artificial vision board, ACTUV will have the possibility to move independently through the light of the route and sea traffic.

Laser weapons, of course

The notorious sci-fi weapon is closer than any other during this present reality. Navy’s optical weapon Mazer test within the hush public safety in the Gulf has gone sustainable, and the Navy must also send the most important optical armor Mazer inside the ship to protect them from the possibility, for example, small boats and robot attackers.

At this point, Boeing and even host s are working. Care measured on the ground on a car-mounted eyes maser that pulls a push towards danger, for example, mortars or robots. This application has the full name Hel MD, for high power versatile optical Maser demonstrator.

Up-and-coming Lockheed Martin is also trying to use his Athenian facility to explore the touch of the Radiation Protection Department of weapons. One of the various instructions in combination measles is that they are guaranteed burned at low cost, the only diesel control generator installed on the truck drives a power outage.

Each boat is an air carrier

More modest naval ships, for example, destroyers and frigates, require eyes in the sky that the aircraft pass on packages of warships and their armies of aircraft, helicopters, and robots.

When a box of many of the little motorized vehicles that have now begun under development, tow trucks retake water, have been moved to invite them to a large program of hard sex seascapes (meaning “poorly managed data of Master activities node”, in any case quite suggestive of the winged creature on the sea) intends to fill this special and

Plasma belt safety

Boeing has a patented tire that protects vehicles from being poorly shot through plasma fields. The idea is to make an ionizer track of 90 degrees that avoids progress towards oscillation.

What you can do is stop push towards shooting scores like a bomb, auto-response or missile observed, in any case, large-scale security systems now, ” the philosophy of breaking army action, you can keep your vision of safe vault that includes a car, as in Star Wars, Boeing pictures to protect only by armed forces.

The nuance of the octopus

Now the curtain will cover soldiers and their vehicles from human vision, it is still an action against the fundamental vision infrared structural hostility. Specialists from Golden State University, Irvine admits that why they use appropriate intangible adjustments, significant mass strength of normal octopus people who use it as an octopus to change camouflage and reflectivity of their skin.

This large mass, called smart, operates within the relative frequencies such as T. Light vision structures, and in this lies their confirmation.

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